List of contributors

The following people have contributed to the development of this project, by sending me results or other information on players or events.

        for help with
    Tim Harding    British and Irish players and events
    Walter Chan    Numerous players and events: wordwide, including women's events
    Alan McGowan    Scottish and German players and events
    batgirl (a.k.a. Sarah Beth)    Numerous players and events, via her chess blogs and personal communications
    Michael Kühl    Numerous players and events; European and American
    Steve Mann    Yorkshire and Sheffield players and events
    Geert Van der Wulp    Russian players and events from Shakhmatniy Listok
    Fabrizio Zavatarelli    Italian and British players and events
    Gerard Killoran    British players and events
    Edward Winter    Numerous players and events, via Chess Notes and personal communications
    David Cohen    Canadian players and events
    Eric Malmsten    Canadian players and events
    David McAlister    Irish players and events
    Eduardo Bauzá Mercére    American players and events
    Tom Stokoe    Yorkshire events involving his ancestor, Thomas Y. Stokoe, as well as my banner photo
    Dominique Thimognier    French players and events
    Joost van Winsen    New York events
    Ryerson Binning    New York events
    Tom Teague    Biographical information on his ancestor, Nelson Fedden
    Stephen Davies    American events in which S. Lipschütz played
    Günter Brunold    German and British events
    Paul Brown    Miscellaneous players and events
    Tom Robillard    de la Bourdonnais - Perigal
    Hans Renette    Various British and European players
    Paul Dunn    Australian players and events
    Tony Gillam    Miscellaneous players and events
    Vlastimil Fiala    Czech players
    Tomis Chagall    Czech and other players and events
    Nick Pope    American players and events
    John Saunders    P.W. Fairweather
    Richard James    P.W. Fairweather
    Yandy Rojas    Events involving Capablanca
    Massimiliano Enzo Maria Orsi    Italian players and events
    Thomas Lemanczyk    Various players
    Pierre Bourget    Semmering 1936 Ladies' Tournament
    Frederic Fournier    Birthdate of de la Bourdonnais
    Jorge Magioncalda    Mar del Plata 1928
    Philip Jurgens    Miscellaneous players and events
    Larry Kaufmann    Rating effects of handicaps
    Barak Saltz    Misecllaneous players and events
    Jan Kersten    Match results: Salwe-Verlinsky, and Euwe