Event table notes:

  • Edo ratings: Historical chess ratings calculated by a 'simultaneous' method, roughly on the same scale as 'Elo' ratings. [Full discussion]
  • Rating deviations (uncertainties) are listed after the ratings in parentheses. A rating estimate is likely to be accurate to within this many rating points (or twice as many for 95% certainty), as compared to other player ratings across the entire historical period covered. Rating differences within a given year are likely to be more accurate than the rating deviations suggest.
  • Scores are based on games actually played over the board, and therefore do not include defaulted or forfeited games but include draws sometimes not counted in the official score. Regardless of the official scoring system, wins count as 1, draws as 0.5 and losses as 0.
  • Games counts the games actually played over the board. Not all of these are necessarily rated as some may be against unratable players.