References: Periodicals

    AAM    The Anglo-American Magazine
    ACB    American Chess Bulletin
    ACMa    American Chess Magazine    1846-1847
    ACMo    American Chess Monthly
    AdEx    Adelaide Express
    Age    The Age (Melbourne)
    AH    Algemeen Handelsblad
    Alb    Albion (New York)    1848-1856
    AO    Adelaide Observer
    Arg    The Argus (Melbourne)
    AS    Auckland Star
    ATCJ    Australian Town and Country Journal
    AtSS    Atlanta Sunny South
    Aus    The Australasian
    BA    Baltimore American
    BACA    Bulletin of the American Chess Association
    BCC    Brooklyn Chess Chronicle
    BCM    British Chess Magazine
    BCR    British Chess Review    1853-1854
    BCWG    Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette
    BDE    Brooklyn Daily Eagle    1841-1873
    BDM    Daily Mail (Brisbane)
    BDP    Birmingham Daily Post
    BDSU    Brooklyn Daily Standard-Union
    BG    Birmingham Gazette
    BJO    British Journal of Ophthalmology
    BLL    Bell's Life in London    1822-1873
    BLS    Bell's Life in Sydney
    BLV    Bell's Life in Victoria
    BM    The British Miscellany
    BMDP    The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post
    BMN    Belfast Morning News
    BNL    Belfast News-Letter
    BNP    Bury and Norwich Post (and Suffolk Herald)
    BrC    Brisbane Courier
    BrM    The Bristol Mercury
    BSB    Baltische Schachblätter
    BSN    Baltimore Sunday News
    BSU    Brooklyn Standard Union
    BT    Berliner Tageblatt
    Bun    Bunyip (Gawler, South Australia)
    BVZ    Berliner Volkszeitung
    BWJ    Berrow's Worcester Journal
    BWM    Birmingham Weekly Mercury
    Cai    Caissa
    CalM    The Caledonian Mercury
    CCC    Columbia Chess Chronicle
    CDN    Cambridge Daily News
    ChC    Cheltenham Chronicle
    CIN    Canadian Illustrated News    1869-1873
    CLCM    City of London Chess Magazine
    CML    The Chess Monthly (London)
    CMNY    The Chess Monthly (New York)    1857-1860
    CP    The Chess Player    1851-1853
    CPC    Chess Player's Chronicle    1841-1873
    CPM    Chess Player's Magazine    1863-1867
    CPQC    Chess Player's Quarterly Chronicle    1868-1871
    CR    The Cambridge Review
    CSN    Charleston Sunday News
    CW    The Chess World    1865-1869
    DAC    Daily Alta California
    DCA    Dundee Courier and Argus
    DDE    Dublin Daily Express
    DDG    Davenport Daily Gazette
    DdlM    Diario de la Marina
    DeM    The Derby Mercury
    DFP    Detroit Free Press
    DH    El Diario del Hogar
    DM    The Daily Mail (London)
    DN    The Daily News (London)
    DPFP    Dundee, Perth and Forfar People's Journal
    DSC    Daily Southern Cross
    DSZ    Deutsche Schachzeitung
    DT    Daily Telegraph
    EF    L'Echiquier Français
    EJA    Evening Journal (Adelaide)
    Emp    Empire (Sydney)
    ENS    Evening News (Sydney)
    EP    The Evening Post (Wellington)
    Era    The Era    1838-1873
    ES    Evening Standard
    ESO    The Evening Star (Otago)
    ETAd    Express and Telegraph (Adelaide)
    ETI    El Tiempo Ilustrado
    FH    Falkirk Herald
    FJ    Freeman's Journal
    Fld    The Field    1873-1873
    FLIN    Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper    1855-1858
    FLNJ    Frank Leslie's New York Journal
    FM    Fraser's Magazine
    GH    The Glasgow Herald
    Glo    The Globe (London)
    GM    The Gentleman's Magazine
    GWH    Glasgow Weekly Herald
    Harp    Harper's
    HBH    Hawke's Bay Herald
    HC    Home Circle    1849-1853
    HCM    Huddersfield College Magazine    1872-1873
    HCWYA    Huddersfield Chronicle and West Yorkshire Advertiser
    HMNH    Hackney Mercury and North London Herald
    HoCM    Household Chess Magazine    1865-1865
    HS    Hastings Standard
    HSLO    Hastings and St. Leonards Observer
    HWT    Hartford Weekly Times    1871-1873
    ICM    The International Chess Magazine
    IJ    Ipswich Journal
    ILN    Illustrated London News    1842-1878
    INYJ    Illustrated New York Journal    1854-1855
    IS    Illustrovaný Svět
    ISDN    Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News
    JAd    The Journal (Adelaide)
    Know    Knowledge
    KSC    Kent and Sussex Courier
    LAT    Los Angeles Times
    LeM    The Leeds Mercury
    LENP    London Evening News and Post
    LF    London Figaro
    LG    London Gazette
    LiM    The Liverpool Mercury    1811-1873
    LoM    The London Mercury
    Luch    La Lucha
    LW    Land and Water
    MA    Malvern Advertiser
    MaG    Manchester Guardian
    MaT    Macon Telegraph
    MC    The Morning Chronicle
    MCLA    Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser
    MeL    The Leader (Melbourne)
    MM    Maitland Mercury
    MoG    Montreal Gazette
    Mos    El Mosaico
    MoT    Montreal Transcript
    MP    The Morning Post
    MS    Manawatu Standard
    Mund    El Mundo
    MWEG    Manchester Weekly Express and Guardian
    MWER    Manchester Weekly Express and Review
    MWET    Manchester Weekly Examiner and Times
    MWNY    The Musical World (New York)
    MWT    Manchester Weekly Times
    NBSZ    Neue Berliner Schachzeitung
    NCG    New Court Gazette    1840-1840
    NDA    Nashville Daily American
    NFP    Neue Freie Presse
    NG    Nottinghamshire Guardian
    NHZ    Neue Hamburger Zeitung
    NL    Národní Listy
    NN    Norfolk News
    NODP    New Orleans Daily Picayune    1837-1854
    NOSD    New Orleans Sunday Delta
    NOTD    New Orleans Times-Democrat
    NOTP    Times-Picayune (New Orleans)
    NR    La Nouvelle Régence    1860-1864
    NSC    Newark Sunday Call
    NU    Nashville Union
    NYC    New York Clipper    1853-1871
    NYEP    New York Evening Post
    NYET    New York Evening Telegram
    NYH    New York Herald
    NYR    New York Recorder
    NYS    New York Sun
    NYSP    New York Saturday Press
    NYSZ    New Yorker Staats Zeitung
    NYTi    New York Times
    NYTr    New York (Daily) Tribune
    NZH    New Zealand Herald
    NZM    New Zealand Mail
    NZT    New Zealand Times
    ODT    Otago Daily Times
    OH    Opus Habana
    OKC    Österreichische Kunst-Chronik
    OM    Oamaru Mail
    OW    Otago Witness
    Pais    El Pais
    Pal    Le Palamède    1836-1847
    PF    Le Palamède Français    1864-1865
    Phil    The Philidorian    1837-1838
    PI    Philadelphia Inquirer
    PM    El Pablo Morphy
    PMG    Pall Mall Gazette
    Ppl    The People
    PSoT    Porter's Spirit of the Times    1856-1856
    QCH    Quarterly for Chess History
    QR    The Quarterly Review
    QTIH    Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser
    Que    The Queenslander
    RA    La Revista de Ajedrez
    RCAA    Revista del Club Argentino de Ajedrez
    RE    La Revue d'Echecs
    Reg    La Régence    1849-1856
    RegA    The Register (Adelaide)
    RIA    Revista Internacional de Ajedrez
    RiS    La Rivista degli Scacchi    1859-1859
    RL    Ruy López
    RR    Rigasche Rundschau
    RT    The Round Table    1869-1869
    SAA    South Australian Advertiser
    SAC    South Australian Chronicle
    SaH    Sport a Hry
    SAR    South Australian Register
    SDS    Syracuse Daily Standard
    SFCa    San Francisco Call
    SFCh    San Francisco Chronicle
    ShDT    Sheffield Daily Telegraph
    ShI    The Sheffield Independent
    Sigl    El Siglo (Diez y Neuve)
    Sis    Sissa
    SLGD    Saint Louis Globe-Democrat
    SLk    Shakhmatniy Listok
    SLy    Šachové Listy
    SMH    Sydney Morning Herald
    SMNA    Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser
    SoT    Spirit of the Times (New York)    1845-1848
    Sph    Le Sphinx    1865-1867
    SRI    Sheffield and Rotherham Independent
    SST    The Sunday Times (Sydney)
    SSu    The Sun (Sydney)
    ST    The Sunday Times    1822-1873
    Stan    The Standard (London)
    StI    The Staten Islander
    StM    Stamford Mercury
    Str    La Stratégie    1867-1868
    StS    The Staffordshire Sentinel
    SuM    Surrey Mirror
    SyDT    The Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
    SyM    Sydney Mail
    SZ    Schachzeitung
    Tel    De Telegraaf
    TelB    The Telegraph (Brisbane)
    TFF    Turf, Field and Farm    1865-1871
    TG    The Globe (Toronto)
    Tim    The Times (London)
    TLS    Times Literary Supplement
    TMH    Tasmanian Morning Herald
    TR    The Two Republics
    TS    Thames Star
    TSK    The Telegraph (Saint Kilda)
    Univ    El Universal
    VDC    Victoria Daily Colonist
    WA    Wairarapa Age
    WB    Westminster Budget
    WDP    Western Daily Press
    WDWM    Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail
    WFP    Winnipeg Free Press
    WM    Western Mail (Perth)
    WP    Westminster Papers    1868-1873
    WSMS    Wilmington Sunday Morning Star
    WSZ    Wiener Schachzeitung
    YH    York (Yorkshire) Herald
    YP    Yorkshire Post
    YPLI    Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer