THE LIFE AND CHESS OF PAUL MORPHY                                                                                                                                                                American Chess Monthly  July, 1858



American Chess Monthly  July, 1858

"Mr. Morphy reached New York on the morning of June 8th, and left the next day in the Arabia for Liverpool, to be present at the Birmingham festival. After the close of the meeting of the British Association, he will proceed to London, where he will remain several weeks, for the purpose, if it be agreeable to Mr. Staunton, of contesting a grand match with the distinguished English player, in accordance with the terms of the challenge of the New Orleans Club. As the chief obstacle to the acceptance was the great distance of New Orleans from England, it is hoped that every impediment will be removed by Mr. Morphy's presence in London. From London, Mr. Morphy goes to Paris, where he will probably meet Mr. Harrwitz, Mr. de Rivière, and other players of the Régence. It is possible that, after a sojourn of a month or two in the French capital, the American player will find time to pass a week or more in Berlin, in order to encounter Lange, Mayet and Anderssen. Mr. Morphy expects to reach New York, on his way home, sometime in November. It is hardly necessary to say that the heartiest hopes and warmest wishes of the entire American Chess community, accompany our young knight-errant. Nor is the desire for his success confined alone to Chess-players; it is felt by all Americans who delight in a generous rivalry with out mother country or the Old World in the race of mind - in the arts and sciences of peace."