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June 2005


Alois Alzheimer was a a German neurologist from Breslau.

He was a colleague of Emil Kraepelin who, in 1906, first identified the symptoms of the condition now known as Alzheimer's Disease.

Breslau might also be known for the famous chess players who were born there, including:

Adolf Anderssen -  July 6, 1818 - March 13, 1876
Daniel Harrwitz -  April 29, 1823 - Jan. 9, 1884
Johannes Zukertort -  September 7, 1842 - June 20, 1888
Siegbert Tarrasch -  March 5, 1862 - February 17, 1934




Correction:  Zukertort was, in fact, born in Lublin, not Breslau.

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