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David Lawson
August  2005
I was told that Steinitz biographer, Kurt Lansburger, mentioned that David Lawson's, Morphy's biographer, real name had been Charles Whipple.


I did a little digging and the truth is far more convoluted ....


"Charles (or John) Wipple (or Howie)", son of Hyson (or Hison) Paine Whipple (1834 - 1888) and Ellen (or Helen) Robertson Howie (1870- ? ), was born in Glascow, Scotland on April 18, 1886.

His mother originally recorded his name as "Charles M. Howie," while his father registered him as "John Whipple." The mother and son immigrated to New York in September, 1890 (via the steamship "Anchoria").

The boy was christened  at Trinity Church in Ware, Massachusetts on April 21, 1895 as "Charles Whipple." and later, his mother's new name being "Helen Lawson," took the name "Charles W. Lawson" and finally settled on "David Lawson."

And I say, it was about time.



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