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Ernest Morphy?
May 29, 2005


In History of Quincy and its men of mark; or, Facts and figures exhibiting its advantages and resources, manufactures and commerce by Pat. H. Redmond, 1869

HISTORY OF QUINCY. 163 BAGS. Two firms operate extensive factories for the manufacture of bags in this city, and in addition to supplying the local demand, also ship largely to points up and down the river, and on the various railroads. An extensive trade in this line has been built up in the last few years by the energy and enterprise of those engaged in the business. West of here goods in this line are rarely found bearing any other than Quincy brands, and the trade is almost entirely monopolized by this city. This is attributable to the fact that our manufacturers have facilities for turning out better work and at lower rates, than any western city. The firms engaged in this line are:-Morphy & Charles, and W. M. Avise. They employ 23 hands and a capital of $43,000.

Is this Ernest Morphy?


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