THE LIFE AND CHESS OF PAUL MORPHY                                                                                                                                                                           Edge to Fiske - January 6, 1859



Frederick Milns Edge's letter to Daniel Willard Fiske December 30, 1858

Hotel Breteuil,  Rue du Dauphin
Paris,  December 30th, 1858

My dear Fiske,

The match with Herr Anderssen has become a thing of history. Eleven games were played, extending over eight days; The score  standing finally as follows:-

                   Morphy 7. Anderssen 2 Drawn 2.

The match commenced in the above hotel on Monday the 20th. Inst (sic), Morphy getting out of bed for the first time after an illness of nearly a fortnight. M. had the move and played the Evans, which he lost on the 72nd move. Next day, Anderson gave the Ruy Lopez, which eventuated in a draw. The third game M. won in an hour and five minutes, on 21st move; it was also a Ruy Lopez, as was the fourth, which M. also won. The Fifth, sixth and seventh games he scored: The 8th was drawn: the ninth he carried off by a coup de -main- in 17 moves, letting Anderssen capture a bishop, and leaving his queen, two knights and a bishop en prise, during several moves. The 10th A scored at the 77th move and the 11th fell to Morphy at the 35th.

Anderssen is satisfied with the result. His opinion of Morphy is of the most flattering kind: he told De Rivière and me yesterday, that if there be any difference between Labourdonnais and him, it is at the favor of Morphy, and that it is impossible for anybody to play the game better or stronger then he. He has told these openly at the Régence, " No player can hope to win more than a game or two from him, " il joue non seulement le coup juste mais le coup la plus juste." If his antagonist play this "coup seulement approximativement juste, il est perdu."

P.S. No. 2 As Morphy had to play the match at our hotel he bought [a] board and set of men expressly for the occasion. I asked him to give me the board, and I intend to present it to the American Chess Association. C'est la champ de bataille ou Morphy a gagné le sceptre du monde. F.E.
[the above PS was scrawled vertically on the margin of the first page -sbc]

                                                     2 – Dec 30 1958
But you will shortly see Anderssen's opinion published in the Schachzeitung . – Yesterday He and Morphy played six off–hand games, M. winning 5 to 1.

A fortnight may some ago, Harrwitz took upon himself to play eight blindfold games against eight mazettes, and has since put himself on a par with Morphy. The amateurs at the Régence are disgusted with him, and have got off squibs about him: such as the following:-

"Tu veux singer Morphy, joueur phénonoménal !
"Jeune présumptueux, tu forces ta nature
"En vain tu veux poser comme un original.
"Tu n'est qu'une caricature."

" Dans ce célèbre Tournai
" Au -cinq- fois, coup sur coup, tu vis tomber ton roi.

     x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x
     x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x    x

"Souviens toi, surtout, qu'en ce fameux] combat,
" Ta reputation reçut et chec et mat.[sic]"


Harrwitz had got himself written up in " La Presse" as the French champion, whereupon the following:-

Le Prussian vanté dans La Presse,
"Nous n'en voulons pas pour champion.
"Mettez donc son portrait sans? presse,
"Et l'on verra le champignon (sic)."

Having put up his portrait in the Café de la Régence said portrait being highly flattered, lines were circulating commencing
"Pourquoi cher Harrwitz [reme? réussir?] ce portrait" and calling attention to the suppression of his losses and serpent-like countenance. I can assure you he has not very nice time of it, and I never saw any man more disliked then he is in Paris.

I am happy to say that Morphy is now quite [satisfied?], and is about to offer Harrwitz a match at Pawn and Move.

                                       I remain, My dear Fiske
                                                very truly yours
                                                           Fred Edge

P.S.  I have enclosed you some games in the match and will send the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th & 11th next week. I must get Morphy to dictate them, not having them as yet.
[This PS was scrawled vertically on the margin of the second page]