THE LIFE AND CHESS OF PAUL MORPHY                                                                                                                                                                                Edge to Fiske - July 6, 1859



Frederick Milns Edge's letter to Daniel Willard Fiske July 6, 1858  
from David Lawson's Paul Morphy: the Pride and the Sorrow of Chess, p. 106


     Edge, in writing to Fiske on July 6, was quite certain that the Morphy-Staunton match would occur in a matter of a few weeks:

I am glad to inform you subrosa, that a match is about being arranged between these two [Morphy and Staunton] and I can assure you that, my own feelings apart, the belief is here that Staunton will be defeated. This match will come off in about a month's time, as Staunton says he requires a certain period to rub up his openings &c. Meanwhile, he shows no disposition to try an off-hand game with the "American," as he will probably speak of him, before long, in the Illustrated.

     This week Morphy plays a short match of the first seven games for 50 pounds a side, with L÷wenthal, of which you shall have full particulars next week. This match is, of course, looked upon as a test of his strength, and I am much afraid that Staunton will want to pay forfeit after the licking L÷wenthal will receive.