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January 2007

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Ernest Morphy was born on November 22, 1807 and died on March 7, 1874.

-Funeral Services -- The funeral services of the late Ernest Morphy, Sr., will take place from St. Peter's Church at 8 o'clock this
morning. Friends of the family are invited to attend.
-The Quincy Daily Herald, March 10, 1874

The funeral services of the late Ernest Morphy, Sr., took place from St. Peter's Church, corner of Maine and Eighth Sts., at 8
o'clock yesterday morning. His remains were followed to their last resting place by one of the largest concourses of people ever
seen in Quincy. In addition to a number of carriages three street cars were chartered to convey friends to the cemetery.
-The Quincy Daily Herald, March 11, 1874

Resolutions of Respect
At a called meeting of the members of the Congregation of St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, and of the various Societies
connected therewith, held in the basement of said church, on Sunday, March 8, 1874, to take action in regard to the death of their
lamented fellow-member, Ernest Morphy. On motion Mr. William Shanahan was called to the Chair and Keiran Campion
appointed Secretary. After feeling and appropriate remarks by the Rev. Pastor, Father McGirr, and other gentlemen, on motion
the following resolutions were unanimously adopted.
     Resolved, That it is with feelings of deepest sadness and regret this Congregation mourn the death of their most valued friend
and fellow-member, the late Ernest Morphy, a most worthy Christian gentleman, whose unassuming piety and edifying life has
made him for many years a shining example for their imitation, and to whose munificent donations, wise counsels and faithful
supervision they feel they are in a very large measure indebted for their present new church, and therefore eminently entitled to be
enrolled among "those benefactors who have so laudably witnessed their zeal for the decency of Divine worship, and proved their
claim to our most grateful and charitable remembrance."
     Resolved, That the various societies of this church, of which he ever was an active and zealous member, have lost in him a
generous friend as well as a most worthy associate, whose vacant place can never be filled and whose memory will ever be most
warmly cherished, and that as a marl of their respect they will attend the funeral in a body.
     Resolved, That the members of this congregation collectively tender their deepest and most respectful sympathies to the afflicted
family of the deceased, earnestly beseeching in their behalf all the consolations of Divine Providence in their sad bereavement, and
assuring them that the deep debt of gratitude the owe to his most liberal, long-continued and ever disinterested services in their
behalf will never be forgotten by the people of St. Peter's congregation.
-The Quincy Daily Herald, March 17, 1874

Probate Notice - Public
Notice is hereby given to all persons having claims and demands against the estate of Ernest Morphy, deceased, to present the
same for adjudication and settlement at a regular term of the county court of Adam's county, to be holder at the court house, in the
city of Quincy on the third Monday of May, A. D. 1874, being the 18th day of said month.
All persons indebted to said estate are required to make immediate payment to the undersigned.
Lise F. Morphy.
-The Quincy Daily Herald, April 3 (14, 15,18, 29), 1874