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Berlin 1897


Dresden 1892

Standing: Heyde, Schmid, Blackburne, Noa, Hoffer, von Scheve, Walbrodt, Zwanzig
Sitting: Loman, Schottländer, Winawer, Mason, Schallopp, von Bardeleben, Tarrasch, Mieses, Albin, Alapin


Seventh American Chess Congress at St. Louis

Competitors in the Masters' tournament:  Max Judd and Frank Marshall are at the table - Marshall is on the right
Standing (l to r) - Edward Schrader, Charles Jaffe, L. Uedemann, L. Eisenberg, Ben R. Foster (treasurer), E. Kemeny,
Dr. E. W. Shrader, G. J. Schwietzer, S. Mlotkowski, Benjamin S. Wash (manager) sits behind of Marshall