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London Coffee Houses.
August 28, 2004


I'm interested in the Coffee Houses, Clubs, and various venues where chess might have been played during the 18th and 19th centuries. Below is a list of establishment I happened to find where chess might have been played in London. It's a huge list. I would be grateful to anyone who knows anything about chess as it relates to anyone these establishments.


London Coffee Houses (and taverns and hotel where chess might have been played)

Africa and Senegal coffee-house, St. Michael's alley, Cornhill Albion coffee-house, St. James's street Albion tavern, Aldersgate street
Aldersgate-street coffee-house, 168, Aldersgate street American and New England coffee-house, Threadneedle st. Anderton's coffee-house, 126, Fleet street Angel coffee-house and hotel, St. Clement's, Strand
Angel inn, Angel st. Newgate st.
Antigallican coffee-ho., Threadneedle street
Arthur's club-house, St. James's street
Axe hotel and coffee-house. Aldermanbury
Baron and Co's. coffee-house, Nassau street, Soho
Baker's coffee-house, 'Change alley, Cornhill
Bank coffee-house, opposite the Bank
Baptist's-head coffee-house, Aldermanbury
Bath hotel, Arlington street
Batson's coffee-house, Cornhill
Batt's Hotel, Jermyn street
Batt's, new hotel, Dover street
Beal's hotel, Jermyn street
Bedford coffee-house, Piazza Covent Garden
Hell and Crown coffee-house ant Hotel, Holborn
Belle Sauvage Inn, Ludgate hill
Blake's hotel, Jermyn street
Blenheim coffee-house, Blenheim street
Bolt in Tun Inn, Fleet street
Boodle's club-house, St. James's Street
Brunel's hotel, Leicester square
British coffee-house, Cockspur street
British Imperial hotel, Covent Garden
British hotel, Cockspur street
British hotel, Jermyn street
Brown's coffee-house, Mitre court, Fleet street
Brookes's subscription house, St James's street
Brunswick House, Princes' street Hanover square
Bruton coffee-house, Newgate Street
Bull and Mouth coffee-house and hotel, Bull and Mouth street Bull Inn, Bishopsgate street Burton coffee-house, Henrietta street, Covent Garden Cannon coffee-house, Cockspur street
Carolina and Honduras coffee-house, Birchin lane
Castle and Falcon hotel, Aldersgate street
Castle Inn, Wood street, Cheapside
Cavendish square, club-house, Cavendish square
Chapter coffee-house, Paternoster row
City coffee-house, Pancras lane, Queen street, Cheapside City of London tavern, Bishopsgate street Claremont hotel, New Bond street
Clarendon hotel and Jaquiers are now one hotel, New Bond street Coal Exchange, Billingsgate Cole's coffee-house, Ball court Cornhill
Collin's hotel, Conduit street
Corn Exchange coffee-house, Mark lane
Cook's hotel, Albemarle street
Cooper's hotel, Bouverie street, Fleet street
Cocoa Tree club-house, St. James's street
Coulson's hotel, Lower Brook street
Cross Keys Inn, St. John street
Crown and Anchor tav., Strand
Crown tavern, Bow lane
Durant's hotel, Jermyn street
Duchess Str. hotel, Portland place
Dolly's chop-house, Paternoster row
Eastey's hotel, Southampton street
Exchange coffee-house, Strand
Fladong's hotel, 144, Oxford st.
Furnival's Inn coffee-house, Lower Holborn
Fenton's hotel, St. James's st.
Freemasons' tavern, Great Queen street
George's coffee-house, Temple bar, Strand
George's hotel and coffee-house, Aldermanbury
George and Vulture tavern, Cornhill
Garraway's coffee-house, 'Change alley
Garrick's Head coffee-house, Bow street
George coffee-house, Coventry street
George and Blue Boar coffee-house, Holborn
George's and Six Clerks' coffee-house, Chancery lane Globe hotel and tavern, Pleet[sic] street
Gloucester coffee-house, Piccadilly
Golden-cross coffee-house and hotel, Charing cross
Gorden's hotel, Albemarle street
Gray's Inn coffee-house and tavern, Holborn
Grand Hotel, Covent Garden
Grecian coffee-house, Temple
Grigsby's coffee-house, Threadneedle street
Grillion's hotel, 7, Albemarle street
Grosvenor coffee-house, Bond street
Guildhall coffee-house, King street, Cheapside
Guard's hotel, St. James's street—sub. house
Hambro' coffee-house, Water lane, Tower street
Hamburgh, [blank], Sweeting's alley, Cornhill
Hatchett's coffee-house, Piccadilly
Henderson's hotel, Bridge street, Westminster
Hindostanee coffee-house, 34, George street, Portman square Hotel de la Sabloniere, Leicester square Holyland's coffee-house, St. Martin's lane
Hummums (Old) Covent Garden
Hummums (New) Covent Garden
Hungerford coffee-house, Strand
Hyde Park coffee-house, upper end of Oxford street
Ibbotson's hotel, Vere street, Oxford street
Jamaica, St. Michael's alley, Cornhill
Jerusalem and East India, Cowper's court, Cornhill
John's and Turkey coffee-house, Cornhill
Jordan's hotel, 57 and 58, St. James's street
Imperial hotel, Suffolk street
Kidman's hotel, Albemarle st.
King's Arms tavern, Fenchurch street
Kirkham's Hotel, Lower Brook street
Langbourne, Fenchurch street
Le Fevre's hotel, Manchester street
Limmer's coffee-house, Conduit street
Lloyd's coffee-house, Royal Exchange
London coffee-house, Ludgate street
London tavern, Bishopsgate street
London hotel, Albemarle street
Long's hotel, Bond street
Lothian's hotel, Albemarle street
Mecklenburgh coffee-house, Cockspur street
Mivart's hotel, Lower Brook street
Millar's hotel, Jermyn street
Molloy's coffee-house, New Bond street
Moorgate coffee-house, Moor-fields
Morley's hotel, 25, Cockspur street
Morin's hotel, Duke-street, Manchester square
Mount coffee-house, Lower Grosvenor street
New Exchange coffee-house, Strand
New London tavern, Cheapside
New Slaughter's coffee-house, St. Martin's lane
New York coffee-house, Sweeting's alley, Cornhill
Norfolk hotel, Surrey street
Northumberland coffee-house and hotel, Charing cross Nott's coffee-house, Bell yard Temple bar
Oliver's coffee-house, New Palace yard
Ordnance Arms coffee-house, Westminster Bridge
Old Slaughter's coffee-house, St. Martin's lane
Old White Horse coffee-house, Piccadilly
Orange coffee-house, opposite the Custom house
Osborne's hotel, Adam street, Adelphi
Owen and Sagoe's coffee-house, Lower Holborn
Oxford and Cambridge coffee house, Strand
Oxford coffee-house, Spring Gardens
Park's coffee-house, New Bond street
Parliament coffee-house, Parliament street
Parsloe's subscription room, St. James's street
Paul's, Head coffee-house, Cateaton street
Payne's, late Ferrot's, hotel, Lower Brook street
Peele's coffee-house and hotel, 178, Fleet street
Penstone's hotel, Cork street
Percy coffee-house, Percy street
Petersburgh hotel, Dover street
Piazza coffee-house, Covent Garden
Prince of Orange coffee-house, Cockspur street
Prince of Wales coffee-house, Leicester place
Prince of Saxe Cobourg's hotel, Charles street, Grosvenor sq. Probatt's hotel, King's street, Covent Garden Pulteney hotel, Piccadilly
Queen's Head coffee-house and tavern, Holborn
Queen's Arms tavern, and St. Paul's coffee-house, St. Paul's Church yard Rainbow coffee-house, Cornhill Rainbow coffee-house, King st., Covent Garden
Ram Inn, Smithfield
Read's hotel, 75, Grosvenor st.
Reddish's hotel, Jermyn street
Reed's hotel, St. Martin's lane
Richard's coffee-house, Temple bar
Richardson's coffee-house, Piazza, Covent Garden
Royal hotel and tavern, Pall Mall
Royal coffee-house, St. James's street
Saracen's Head Inn, Snow hill
Stephenson's coffee-house, corner of Craven street
Steven's coffee-house, Bond st.
Salopian coffee-house, Charing cross
Sam's coffee-house, Custom house
Saunder's coffee-house, opposite the New Church, Strand Seagoe's coffee-house, Holborn Serle's coffee-house, Carey st.
Sergeant's Inn coffee-house, Chancery lane
Shakespear tavern, Covent Garden
Sheffield's hotel, Adelphi
Smyrna coffee-house, St. James's street
Spread Eagle coffee-house and hotel, Gracechurch street Spring Garden coffee-house, Charing cross St. Clement's coffee-house and Angel Inn, near St. Clement's church St. James's hotel, Jermyn street St. James's coffee-house, St. James's street
St. Alban's tavern, St. Alban's street
St. James's Royal Hotel, St. James's street
St. Petersburgh hotel, Dover st.
Steven's coffee-house, Bond street
Stock Exchange coffee-house, near the Bank
Storey's Gate coffee-house, Gt. George street
Stratford coffee-house, Oxford st.
Sussex tavern, Bouverie street, Fleet street
Swan with Two Necks, coffee-house and hotel, Lad lane Swan tavern, Bridge street Westminster Symond's Inn coffee-house, Chancery lane
Tavistock coffee-house, Piazza Covent Garden
Temple coffee-house, Devereux court, Strand
Thatched House, St. James's st.
Three Cups tavern and hotel, Aldersgate street
Thomas's hotel, Berkeley square
Thom's and Union coffee-house, 31, Cornhill
Turk's Head and bath coffee-house, Strand
Union hotel, Pall Mall
Walker's hotel, Bridge street, Blackfriars
Warne and Weigall's hotel, Conduit street
Warren's hotel, Charles street, St. James's square and Waterloo street Waterloo hotel, Jermyn street White Horse coffee-house and hotel, Fetter lane
White's Club House, St. James's street
Will's coffee-house, Searle's str., Lincoln Inn
Wills, Bank buildings, Cornhill
Westminster coffee-house, Bridge street
West Smithfield coffee-house
White Hart coffee-house and tavern, Holborn
White Bear coffee-house and hotel, Piccadilly
White Bear hotel and coffee-house, Basinghall street Wood's hotel and coffee-house, Panton square
Worcester coffee-house, Oxford street
Wright's coffee-house and tavern, Soho square
Virginia and Maryland coffee-house, Newman's court
York hotel and coffee-house, Albemarle street
York hotel, Charles street, Covent Garden
York coffee-house and hotel, New Bridge street
York coffee-house, 45, St. James's street



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