THE LIFE AND CHESS OF PAUL MORPHY                                                                                                                                                          Manhattan Chess Club resolutions


Shortly after his death, the Manhattan Chess Club of New-York, at a special meeting held in August, 1884, passed resolutions which were sent to his mother. These resolutions were in the shape of an elegant Album of black leather, lined in purple satin, and on the cover in large gold letters simply PAUL MORPHY.

At a special meeting of the Manhattan Chess Club held at their rooms, 104, East 14th Street, July 15, 1884, city of New-York, the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously adopted:

WHEREAS, the Manhattan Chess Club have learned with deepest regret of the death of Paul Morphy, and desire to express their sorrow at the loss of one who by his matchless skill in their noble game, earned for himself the FIRST PLACE in the roll of CHESS MASTERS, and by his true modesty and worth gained the esteem and respect of all who knew him,

RESOLVED, that the portrait of PAUL MORPHY in the rooms of the club, be draped in mourning for a period of three months, and further,

RESOLVED, that a full record of the proceedings be entered upon the minutes of this club, and that an engrossed copy thereof attested by the officers of the club, be transmitted to the family of the deceased.


F. M. Todd, Treasurer.                  George Green, President.
Gustave Simonson, Rec. Secretary.
W. M. de Visser, Cor. Secretary.   Jas. S. Curry, Vice- Pres.