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MaryleBone Volunteers
April 13, 2004


I don't have a copy of the Oxford Companion to Chess by Hooper and Whyld. I borrowed one via an intra-library load a few months ago and took some notes.


In my notes on Jacob Henry Sarratt ( 1772-1819 ), I have two particular items of information:

In 1803 Surratt became a lieutenant in the Royal York Maryle-Bone Volunteers when war broke out with France.

Surratt published a pamphlet of The Life of Buonaparte - detailing Napoleon's war crimes.


I am in the process of writing a little summary of Surratt for my chess history forum .


While researching online - to try to validate what information I already have and to hopefully find new information, I did a search for Royal York Maryle-Bone Volunteers . That lead me to a geneological page on a Jacob Sarratt who lived at the turn of the 19th century.


This Jacob Surratt was a French Hugonaught who moved to England from Beaurais, France in 1779.


In 1803 he was a Lieutenant in the Royal York Marylebone Volunteers which were disbanded in 1814 after the war with Napoleon was over.


Jacob wrote a book,  Life of Buonaparte,  in which "the Atrocious Deeds which he has perpetrated in order to attain his elevated station are faithfully recorded."
This was published in London  Nov. 1, 1803 and Alan Sarratt has a copy.

Jacob was in Wellington's Armies and his son, whose name is
believed to be Henry, was also killed in these wars.


There is no mention of this jacob Sarratt being a famous chess player or of having written / translated several books.


It's seems this Jacob Sarratt died in the war. Jacob Henry Surratt, the chessplayer didn't.


Now, is the Oxford Companion to Chess wrong?


It would seem that way.

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