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Maurian Library
May 2007


Annual Report By Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Howard Memorial Library, New Orleans. Published 1891

The chess collection which was given to the library several years ago by Mrs. Charles Maurian [Marie Meffre-Rouzan Maurian sbc], but which up to now had not been catalogued, was put in order. There are nearly 300 of these volumes, including runs of several chess journals and containing, what is of especial interest in New Orleans, several books which had undoubtedly been in the library of Paul Morphy and which had been passed on to his friend, Charles Maurian.

Charles Amedée de Maurian was born in New Orleans on May 21, 1838. He died in Paris on Dec. 02,1912.

According to John  Galbreath's article on Charles Maurian in the Sept.,1911 issue of the American Chess Bulletin:

He was the owner of an extensive chess library, and, as may be readily inferred, it contained many rare and valuable volumes. This library he presented to the Howard Library, of New Orleans, several years ago. Among the books is an autograph copy of Morphy's Games, which Herr J. Löwenthal presented to Paul Morphy and which was presented by the latter to Mr. de Maurian.



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