THE LIFE AND CHESS OF PAUL MORPHY                                                                                                                                                                American Chess Monthly  July, 1858



New Orleans, 29 July 1858

D. W. Fiske, Esq.

Dear Sir,
     I have yesterday mailed a letter to your address in which I gave you an amount of the views of the Morphy family with respect to the proposed match. Since that time the Club has met and decided that they must help our friend by all means, that whatever the family might think on the subject was a private matter with which with they had nothing to do. This I believe is quite right and makes me happy. As to the threat of somebody going to London, I hope it will not be carried into effect by the family. It would be useless if not worse. The amount is raised, you must have been appraised by telegraph.

                                                                               Yours Truly,
                                                                                        Chas. A. Maurian