THE LIFE AND CHESS OF PAUL MORPHY                                                                                                                Letter from Charles A. Maurian to Capt. George Mackenzie


Letter from Charles A. Maurian to Capt. George Mackenzie

106 Espanade Street            
New Orleans, Dec. 8, 1875

Captain George Mackenzie
New York

My dear Captain,
I am extremely sorry to say that the report that Mr. Morphy's mind has been somewhat deranged of late, is true. The facts, how-ever, have been greatly exaggerated. He believes that he has many enemies who are attempting to drive him from New-Orleans by a system of petty persecutions, etc. This idea has led him to behave on one or two occasions in an extravagant manner, but on all subjects not connected with his particular mania, his mind is apparently as sound as it can be. This leads his family and friends to hope that his case is not so hopeless as the Journals would have us believe. Should you think proper to publish these facts, I desire particularly that my name should not be mentioned in connection therewith, for my relations with the family are intimate, and although my present object is merely to correct these erroneous impressions created by the reports in the public prints, I am apprehensive that my motives will be wrongly interpreted. I assure you that this misfortune of Morphy's is very painful to me.

Very truly yours                            
Charles A. Maurian