THE LIFE AND CHESS OF PAUL MORPHY                                                                                                                                            Morphy's letter to Fiske, January 25, 1858



New Orleans, January 25, 1858

Daniel W. Fiske, Esq.

My Dear Daniel,

From the moment of my arrival up to the present hour I have had, as you may well imagine, but little leisure at my disposal.  Even today so much of my time is taken up that I can only hastily drop a line or two.  The New Orleans Chess Club is more flourishing than ever.  It numbers while I write more than thirty members, and ere another month will have passed away, the number will have swollen to fifty or sixty.  The club now meets at the rooms of the Mercantile Library Association, corner of Exchange Alley and Canal Street – the very heart of New Orleans.  I one night played two and on another occasion three blindfold games simultaneously, all of which I won.  The two rooms were literally crowded, and the spectators much pleased and interested.

       I pass the very flattering, or so to speak more truly, the “Creole” reception which greeted me here.  It was one of those things that are felt deeply and long remembered, but not well described.

       Do not be surprised as the comparatively meager notes appended to the games.  Some games , as you know, require but few comments.  Hereafter, I shall make it an inflexible rule to be very full in my remarks and criticisms.

       Present my regards to all the members of your club, as also to such gentlemen, not chess players, as I have had the honor of knowing while in New York.


                                                            Your best friend,

                                                                        Paul Morphy


P.S. I hope the Monthly is doing well.  I shall exert myself to the utmost to produce subscribers.  Let me hear from you at your earliest convenience; I shall probably write again this week and at greater length.