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Morphy goes crazy
May 2007


The Fate of Paul Morphy.
Paul Morphy, the famous chess-player, is in a New Orleans asylum hopelessly insane. He was born in that city in 1840, of wealthy Creole parentage, and his adoption of the game as a business, not only offended his relatives, but occupied the years in which he might have achieved success in some other career. He returned to his home suddenly and thoroughly disgusted with chess - and so prejudiced against it that he has never since played. He has subsequently led an idle, morose life. His daily routine existence involved a walk through some of the streets of New Orleans every morning, where his dapper little figure - always scrupulously well dressed - became as well known and as regularly looked for as the noonday bell. After his daily promenade he retired in his box at the opera, where, it is said, he never missed a night. It is further related that during these years he permitted no friendly acquaintance; he was never known to associate with anybody but his mother, and persistently repelled advances from those who, having been friends of his early youth, desired to renew their associations. He lived a strange life, a strange, moody and peculiarly mournful man. About a year ago he began to lose his mental control, and several months ago was put in a private asylum.

The Herald of Health: Papers on Sanitary and Social Science By Thomas Low Nichols, M.D.; 1881



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