THE LIFE AND CHESS OF PAUL MORPHY                                                                                                             Morphy's Preface to L÷wenthal's Morphy's Games of Chess



.Morphy endorsed Johann L÷wenthal's book by writing the introduction. Other than his games, Morphy actually contributed very little to the book.




Many friends, both in Europe and America, have frequently urged me to arrange a collection of my games, which they assured me would meet with a kindly reception from Chess players generally. But continued contests during the past twelve months would have precluded my complying with so flattering a request, had it not been for the assistance rendered me by my friend Herr L÷wenthal. The copious notes with which this volume is enriched are mainly due to his skill and assiduity as an analyst, and will amply repay the perusal of every lover of our noble game.

   In the arrangement of this work, a rule has been adopted of giving, as far as possible, the best of my games. This rule, however, has been ignored with respect to Matches and Blindfold contests, which it was thought advisable to give entire; thus many parties are introduced which otherwise might have been omitted. It is for the reader to express his opinion on the judiciousness of the selection; I can only solicit his courteous consideration.

                                                                                                               PAUL MORPHY