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The History and The Culture of Chess

Rudolph and Richard Reti

August 2006


If you're ever in the Library of Congress with some free time on your hands, check out the Retis.

Rudolph Reti (1885-1957), composer, pianist and musicologist, was a pupil of Eduard Steuermann. As a pianist he premiered Schoenberg’s Opus 19 piano pieces. His music and analytical technique are represented in this collection, especially in the fifteen full scores and in the textual manuscripts on theory and analysis. He is the author of "Tonality, Atonality, Pantonality: A Study of Some Trends in Twentieth-Century Music."

Rudolph’s brother, Richard Reti (1889-1929), was a world-famous chess master who famously defeated Capablanca in 1924 with what is now known as the Reti Opening. This collection also contains Richard's manuscripts and notes on chess in five sheet music boxes containing approximately 100 chess-related items.

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