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Patricia Anne Sunnucks
April  2006

Anne Sunnucks is best known for her 1970 opus, the Encyclopedia of Chess. In order to discover anything about Sunnucks herself, it was necessary to consult her own entry in her book.
  SUNNUCKS, Patricia Anne (1927— )

International Woman Master (1954) and winner of the British Ladies'
Championship in 1957, 1958 and 1964.

Born on 21st February 1927, Anne Sunnucks learned the moves at the age
of 8 but did not take up chess seriously until she was 21, when she
joined the same club as International Master, Imre König, whose pupil
she became. After coming =~2nd in the 1953 British Ladies'
Championship, she was selected as one of three British representatives
in the 1954 Western European Zonal tournament, in which she came 2nd
and qualified for the 1955 Women's Candidates' tournament but was
unable to compete.

She played for Great Britain v. the U.S.S.R. in 1954 and in the
Anglo-Dutch match in 1965. In 1966 she played top board for the
British Chess Federation team in the Women's Chess Olympiad at
Oberhausen. She also represented the B.C.F. in the Western European
Zonal tournaments of 1963 and 1966.

A major in the Women's Royal Army Corps, Anne Sunnucks, as the only
woman competitor, won both the Army and the Combined Services
Championships in 1968. While stationed in Germany in 1964, she became
the first woman to win the championship of Krefeld.

She is one of the three British players at present competing in the
Women's World Correspondence Championship.















Below is the list of British Women's Chess Champions

Take particular note of Rowena Bruce-Dew. She was the 1937 Champion as well as the 1950, 1951, 1954, 1955, 1959, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1967 and 1969 - an eleven-time Champion chess career that spanned 32 years.



1904  Kate Finn
1905  Kate Finn
1906  Frances Herring
1907  Frances Herring
1908  Grace Curling
1909  Gertrude Anderson
1910  Mary Houlding
1911  Mary Houlding
1912  Gertrude Anderson
1913  Amabel Moseley
1914  Mary Houlding
1920  Agnes Stevenson
1921  Gertrude Anderson
1922  Edith Price
1923  Edith Price
1924  Edith Price
1925  Agnes Stevenson
1926  Agnes Stevenson
1928  Edith Price
1929  Mary Gilchrist
1930  Agnes Stevenson
1931  Edith Michell, Amy Wheelwright


 Edith Michell
1933  Miss Fatima
1934  Mary Gilchrist
1935  Edith Michell
1936  Edith Holloway
1937  Rowena Bruce-Dew
1938  M. Musgrave
1939  Elaine Saunders-Pritchard
1946  Elaine Saunders-Pritchard
1947  Eileen Tranmer
1948  Edith Price
1949  Eileen Tranmer
1950  Rowena Bruce-Dew
1951  Rowena Bruce-Dew
1953  Eileen Tranmer
1954  Rowena Bruce-Dew
1955  Joan Doulton, Rowena Bruce-Dew
1956  Elaine Pritchar
1957  Anne Sunnucks
1958  Anne Sunnucks
1959  Rowena Bruce-Dew
1960  Rowena Bruce-Dew
1961  Eileen Tranmer
1962  Rowena Bruce-Dew
1963  Rowena Bruce-Dew
1964  Anne Sunnucks
1965  Elaine Pritchard
1966  Margaret Clarke, Gillian Moore
1967  Rowena Bruce-Dew, Dinah Dobson
1968  Dinah Dobson
1969  Rowena Bruce-Dew, Dinah Dobson
1970  Jana Hartston-Miles-Bellin
1971  Jana Hartston-Miles-Bellin
1972  Jana Hartston-Miles-Bellin
1973  Jana Hartston-Miles-Bellin
1974  Jana Hartston-Miles-Bellin
1975  Sheila Jackson
1976  Jana Hartston-Miles-Bellin
1977  Jana Hartston-Miles-Bellin
1978  Sheila Jackson
1979  Jana Hartston-Miles-Bellin
1980  Sheila Jackson
1981  Sheila Jackson
1982  Jane Garwell
1983  Rani Hamid, Helen Milligan
1984   Bhagyashree Sathe, Vasanti Unni
1985  Rani Hamid
1986  Susan Arkell
1987  Cathy Forbes
1988  Cathy Forbes
1989  Rani Hamid
1990  Susan Arkell
1991  Susan Arkell
1992  Susan Arkell
1993  Saheli Dhar
1994  Cathy Forbes
1995   Harriet Hunt
1996   Harriet Hunt
1997   Harriet Hunt
1998  Susan Lalic-Arkell
1999  Harriet Hunt
2000  Humpy Koneru
2001  Melanie Buckley
2002  Humpy Koneru
2003  Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant
2004  Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant
2005  Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant


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