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Morphy Plays Cheney
October 25, 2004


During the half year that Paul Morphy spent in new York after he returned from his triumphant European encounter in 1859, he played two games with George Nelson Cheney at Knight odds with Morphy winning one, Cheney winning the other.

Cheney was a chess problemist from Syracuse, New York, two months older than Morphy, both well-known and highly praised by Eugene Cook for his original and beautiful creations.

Of the two games played, only Morphy's loss has been preserved.

Late in 1859, Morphy would return to New Orleans, but  July of 1861 would find Morphy and Cheney in the same place - Manassas, Virginia - where, on July 21, Cheney's chess career would come to a permanent halt during the first battle at Bull Run.

Morphy - Cheney

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