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A slight correction:
February 19, 2004


I had written in the previous entry:

"In fact, Salo Landeau, the second best Dutch player (after Euwe) was the only chess player I could find who died in a death camp (Auschwitz)."


Actually, Salo Landau's  wife and small daughter died at Auschwitz October 12, 1944. While Salo died in Gräditz March 31, 1944.




David Przepiorka, who won the first Polish championship in 1926, came in 1st at Munich in 1926 and  played in 2 Opympiads, was a victim of a mass execution near Warsaw in 1940. Though it's been also rumored that he died in a concentration camp.


Karel Treybal, born in 1885, was a victim of the 1941 Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia, but I'm unsure in what form.



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