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July 1, 2004

date          tournament                      winner           location 
1851  1st Dutch national tournament                             Amsterdam
1857  1st American Chess Congress             Morphy            New York
1861  1st German Chess Congress,              Vitzthum          Dusseldorf
1866  1st official British Championship       Cecil de Vere
1873  1st completed Canadian championship     Albert Ensor
1873  1st Netherlands Championship            Gifford
1875  1st Italian Championship                Seni
1879  1st German Championship                 Englisch
1884  1st Scottish Championship               Crum
1885  1st Congress of the BCA                 Gunsberg          London
1885  1st Australian Championship             Esling
1889  1st Swiss Championship                  Pestalozzi/Poplawski
1892  1st South African Championship          Roberts
1902  1st Cuban Championship                  Juan Corzo
1902  1st Spanish Championship                Golmayo
1905  1st Czech Championship                  Duras
1906  1st Hungarian Championship              Balla
1913  1st Icelandic chess championsahip       Zophroniasson
1914  1st French Championship                 Goetz
1916  1st British Columbia championship       Ewing
1917  1st Swedish Championship.               Lowenborg.
1918  1st Norwegeian chess championship       Lilja
1910  1st Danish Championship                 Kruse
1920  1st Soviet Championship                 Alekhine          Moscow
1920  1st Chilean Championship                Peralta
1921  1st Argentine Championship              Recca
1921  1st Austrian Championship               Saemisch
1922  1st Finnish chess championship          Chepurnov
1922  1st Estonian Championship               Rinne
1924  1st Latvian Championship                Mattison
1924  1st Tasmanian Chess Championship 
1925  1st Brazilian Championship              Souza Mendes
1926  1st Polish Championship                 Przepiorka
1926  1st Rumanian Championship               Tyroler
1933  1st Bulgarian Championship              Geshev
1935  1st Correspondnece Chess Olympiad       Hungary
1935  1st Yugoslav Championship               Pirc/Kostic
1936  1st U.S. Chess Championship tournament  Reshevsky
1936  1st Israeli Championship                Czerniak
1947  1st West German Championship            Kieninger
1955  1st Welsh Championship                  Kenyon
1957  1st Chinese national championship

I want to thank Bill Wall for providing me with most of this information
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