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Tengiz Giorgadze - Play Andrey Dadiani
June 2008



Tengiz Giorgadze (also Tengiz Georgadze,  b.1925),  wrote "Play Andrey Dadiani" ("Ygraet A. Dadian")" published by "Soviet Georgia" in Tbilisi, 1972.



(see Knight of the Game of Chess by Ippolit Gamsakhurdia for mention of Giorgadze's book)
              Tengiz Giorgadze


The cover and the interior, including 2 games and a close-up of Dadian's photograph from Play Andrey Dadiani



         Game #24 - is Dadian - Duz-Chotimirsky                    Game #25 - Dadian & Schiffers - Lebedev & Yurevich   




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