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Andrei Davidovich Dadiani
July 2005

     This page owes it's existence to WilhelmThe2nd  from who did most of the research. 


                        David Dadiani

David Dadiani, Duke of Dukes of Mingrelia, had four children.

The older two were daughters: 
      Princess Martha Davidovna, born on February 4, 1840
      Princess Nino Davidovna, born on January 2, 1841.
The next two were sons:
      Nikolai Davidovitch Dadiani, born on January 4, 1847
      Andrei Davidovitch Dadiani, born on October 24, 1850.

His two daughters died very young:  Princess Martha in 1842 and Princess Nino in 1848.

Of his two sons:
One would follow in his footsteps and become the final Duke of Dukes of Mingrelia; the other would become a chess player.

 The final Duke of Dukes of Mingelia


Nikolaoz (Nikolai Davidovitch) Dadiani went by Niko.



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