Nikolsky, Luka


Year       Rank    Edo    Dev.   Games 
1905  54  2422 (97) 9

Rating table notes

Biographical data
Name: Nikolsky, Luka Lukich  
Born: 13 Nov. 1878
Died: Feb. 1942
Di Felice has 'Nikolsky, T.A.' in the Saint Petersburg Club Tournament of 1905, but he was only born in 1899, so I presume this was another Nikolsky. Could it be E.M. Nikolsky, who played in Moscow in 1929 and 1930?
   Di Felice, Chess Results, 1901-1920, page 61
   Thulin, Name index to CTC, page 189
   Faibisovich, Vadim.  [Luka Lukich and Uncle Vanya]

Tournament data

Saint Petersburg 1905 (3)     Saint Petersburg Club - 1st Class Tournament     7  /  9

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