Hamburg 1921 (6)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Orbach, Wilhelm    2285 (50) 6 /
Blechschmidt, Paul    2232 (47) 4.5 /
Broschwitz    2098 (105) 4 /
Klüver, Johannes    2098 (105) 4 /
Woehl, Erich    2159 (54) 4 /
Woog, Fritz    2186 (51) 3.5 /
Conrad    1729 (143) 1 /
Rauh    1729 (143) 1 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: 21st German Chess Federation Congress - Hauptturnier B4
Place: Hamburg
Start date: 18 July 1921
End date: 30 July 1921
Gaige has 'H. Walther' here. Di Felice has 'Walter, Hermann'. But the Deutsche Schachzeitung of 1921 makes it clear that 'Walther' was a pseudonym for Fritz Woog. In the index (p.290) is listed 'Walther (Leipzig) 262 - F. Worg', where 'Worg' is clearly a typographical error for Woog. On p.291 of the index appears 'Woog, F.'. On p.160, he is listed as 'Woog (Leipzig)' at the Hamburg Congress, but on p.262 as 'Walther-Leipzig'. This identification of 'Walther' as Fritz Woog comes from Peter Anderberg, via Alan McGowan, who sent me the references to the Deutche Schachzeitung. Anderberg points also to the Arbeiter Schachzeitung of Sep. 1921 (pp.125-126), where Woog states that he played in Hamburg under a pseudonym because he was a member of the Leipzig Worker's Chess Club, and that 'Members of the German Workers' Chess Association were prohibited from simultaneously being members of a 'civil' club and taking part in its games' (Anderberg's paraphrasing). Clearly he was found out. McGowan also sends some clippings from other sources, found by Ulrich Tamm. The Hamburger Fremdenblatt has only 'Walther' or 'Walther-Leipzig'. Badisches Presse of 1921 (I don't have the date) has 'Fr. Walther-Leipzig'.
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Tournament information updated: 7 Nov. 2023