Paris 1884

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Ladislas    2059 (200) 9 / 10 
Nebel, K.    1905 (220) 8 / 10 

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Café de la Régence, Annual Handicap
Place: Paris
Start date: Jan. 1884
End date: Apr. 1884
Partial results available. This was a handicap tournament, with 3 knockout rounds to reduce 43 players to 6. These 6 in the 'poule finale' played an all-play-all. The 2 top players (for whom scores are given) were both in class 2 and can thus be compared. Third was A. Clerc (class 1) with 6/10; fourth was Sauphar (class 4) with 4.5/10. Without knowing the classes of their oponents, however, we cannot rate these two scores in comparison to the two class 2 players. The 'grand tournoi' began in Jan. or Feb. but the 'poule finale' started on Mar. 4 and ended in the first few days of April.
   Cornil, Le Café de la Régence, page 165