Paris 1924 (1)

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Frigard, Jeanne    1695 (112) 1 /
Landais, Camille    0 /
Frigard, Jeanne    1695 (112) 1 /
Gromer, Mme.    0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: 1st French Women's Championship - Elimination Stage
Place: Paris
Start date: 20 Jan. 1924
End date: 27 Jan. 1924
Only partial results available. There were 12 participants and players were eliminated after losing two games. After two Sunday sessions, 8 players had been eliminated, leaving 4 to play in the finals. The exact structure is not clear. We know that in one game Mlle Frigard beat Mlle la doctoresse Landais and that Frigard went on to the finals, while Landais did not, so I record that as a 1-0 result here. Similarly, it is known that Mlle Frigard beat Mme Gromer, and the latter also did not go on to the finals, so I record that as a 1-0 result as well. We also know that there was a draw between Mme d'Ammann and Mlle Schwartzmann, but both went on to the finals, and if they played a second game, its result is not known, so I do not include this result here.
   Thimognier, Dominique.  [Paris 1924 - championnat de France Féminin]

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