London, England 1931 (1)

Match scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Winter, William    2356 (30) 1 /
Winkelman, Barnie    2124 (83) 0 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: London - Philadelphia Telegraphic Match
Place: London, England
Start date: 21 Mar. 1931
End date: 21 Mar. 1931
This was a 6-a-side team match, but only the game Winter-Winkelman was finished at then end of the evening. The other five games were not properly adjudicated. Rather a deal was struck to agree to certain results, but at least in the case of the game Sultan Khan - Whitaker, this result did not accurately reflect the final position. Sultan Khan had a clearly winning position but the game was agreed drawn. Rather than accept the nominal results, I will only rate the one finished game here. The other games and agreed results were: M. Sultan Khan - N.T. Whitaker 0.5-0.5, F.D. Yates - J. Levin 0.5-0.5, R.P. Michell - E.J. Sharp 1-0, V. Buerger - D.G. Weiser 0.5-0.5, and E.G. Sergeant - S. Mlotkowski 0-1.
   King, Sultan Khan, page 202

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