Paris 1933 (4)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Tonini, Alice    1865 (60) 7 /
Schwartzmann, Paulette    1834 (58) 6 /
Valentin, Mlle.    1440 (94) 3.5 /
Krotosh, Nancy    1392 (124) 2 /
Freeman, Grace    1394 (96) 1.5 /

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Paris Women's Championship
Place: Paris
Start date: 2 Nov. 1933
End date: 21 Dec. 1933
Thimognier says that the official scoring gave 3 points to a win, 2 to a draw, and 1 to a loss. These could be converted to ordinary 1, 0.5, 0 scoring by subtracting 14 and then dividing by 2. However, the scores given do not add up to those for a complete 5-player double-round all-play-all tournament. In particular, since 1 point was given for a loss, and each player was to play 8 games, the minimum score should be 8, but Grace Freeman is shown with a score of 6. It seems likely that this resulted from forfeited games, in which case the winner would likely still be awarded 3 points, but the forfeiter might be awarded 0, instead of the 1 for a loss. If Grace Freeman, for example forfeited 5 games, and of the 3 she played, got a win, a draw and a loss, this would give her a score of 6, according to my assumed method of handling forfeits. However, there is no definite indication of this, and if so, we don't know who she forfeited to, so I will assume here that all games were played, which may cause Freeman's rating to be underestimated somewhat, if in fact she did forfeit some games.
   Thimognier, Dominique.  [Championnat de Paris 1933]

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