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 The 1902 International Chess Tournament of Monte Carlo       


Monte Carlo

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Monte Carlo Casino 1900

Monte Carlo Casino 1900

The  Belle Epoch chess tournaments played at Monte Carlo were a marriage of chess' need for financial sponsorship and Monte Carlo's need for a more prestigious reputation. Each of the four tournaments held at resort between 1901 and 1904 had it's own unique personality. The 1902 tournament, the strongest of the four, was made noteworthy by the participation of three Brooklyn Chess Club members - Pillsbury, Marshall and Napier; by that of the winner of the previous year's  tournament, Janowski; by the presence of such luminaries as Tarrasch, Tschigorin, Teichmann, Schlechter Gunsberg, Mason and Maróczy. It was also Napier's and Eisenberg's international debuts. Despite the absence of the World Champion, Emanuel Lasker who was on hiatus at Erlangen University earning his doctorate degree in Mathematics, the tournament fielded an incredible strong line-up. While the tournament has been criticized for it's lack of innovations, it did produce many entertaining games, played against an opulent and intriguing background.


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