Events taking place in Rotterdam, Netherlands

     Anderssen (offhand) - Dufresne, G. 1861    Rotterdam, Netherlands
     Anderssen (offhand) - Dupre, C.E.A. 1861    Rotterdam, Netherlands
     Anderssen (offhand) - Raland, F. 1861    Rotterdam, Netherlands
     Anderssen (offhand) - Messemaker, C. 1861    Rotterdam, Netherlands
     Dubois, S. - Smalt 1864    Rotterdam, Netherlands
     Alekhine, A.A. - Euwe, M. 1927    Amsterdam, Netherlands and Zutphen, Netherlands and The Hague, Netherlands and Rotterdam, Netherlands
     Reti, R. - Landau, S. 1927    Rotterdam, Netherlands
     Bogoljubow, E.D. - Euwe, M. 1929    The Hague, Netherlands and Rotterdam, Netherlands and Scheveningen, Netherlands (now The Hague) and Utrecht, Netherlands and Amsterdam, Netherlands
     Alekhine, A.A. - Bogoljubow, E.D. 1929    Wiesbaden, Germany and Heidelberg, Germany and Berlin, Germany and The Hague, Netherlands and Rotterdam, Netherlands and Amsterdam, Netherlands
     Rotterdam 1875    3rd Netherland Chess Federation Tournament
     Rotterdam 1879    7th Netherland Chess Federation Tourney
     Rotterdam 1883    11th Netherland Chess Federation Tourney
     Rotterdam 1888    16th Netherland Chess Federation Tourney
     Rotterdam 1894    22nd Netherland Chess Federation Tourney
     Rotterdam 1902    30th Netherland Chess Federation Tourney
     Rotterdam 1915    Netherland Chess Federation Championship
     Rotterdam 1919    Rotterdam Tournament
 *  Rotterdam 1920    Rotterdam Tournament
     Rotterdam 1924 (1)    Rotterdam Tournament
     Rotterdam 1924 (2)    New Rotterdam Chess Association Tournament
     Rotterdam 1930    Rotterdam Tournament