Vazquez, A.C. – Lee, F.J. 1894 (2)

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Vázquez, Andrés    2393 (44) 2.5/3 
Lee, Francis    2322 (47) 0.5/3 
Status: soft result (plausible score)

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Havana
Start date: Feb. 1894
End date: May 1894
This result is tentative. El Diario del Hogar of 19 Feb. 1894 gives a total score of Lee in Havana to that date of +3-2=2, including a draw against Vazquez. The 25 Feb. 1894 issue mentions a win by Vazquez against Lee. The 20 May 1894 issue gives an undated 'game 3 of the series' between them, a win by Vazquez. Several other wins by Vazquez appeared in other sources, including one in the New York Evening Post of 17 Mar. 1894 and one at ChessBase, dated 12 Feb. 1894. The Charleston News and Courier of 1 Mar. 1894 says that 3 of Lee's 6 losses to date in Havana were against Vazquez. Also, Vazquez is reported to have beaten Lee in 4 offhand games on 5 Mar. 1894, which don't seem to be included in totals given in other sources. It seems likely that a win by Lee over Vazquez would have been mentioned, so I am guessing that at least by their 'third match game' the result was +2-0=1 for Vazquez. The 3 losses by Lee to Vazquez before 1 Mar. mean that Vazquez won at least one more, not counting the 4 games played on 5 Mar. but Lee may also have won some. So I am using the partial result +2-0=1 up to the third 'match' game as a soft result, to give an indication of the result between them, and especially to include the draw.
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Match information updated: 22 Jul. 2021