Marquez Sterling, M. – Marin, V. 1895

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Márquez Sterling, Manuel    2115 (55) 0.5/
Marín, Valentín    2051 (125) 0.5/
Status: casual

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Barcelona
Start date: Dec. 1895
End date: Dec. 1895
This game is given in the Jan. 1896 issue of Revista Internacional de Ajedrez (p.30), and on p.22 of the same issue it is stated that Marquez Sterling went to Barcelona on 23 Dec. 1895, so I am guessing that the game was played in the last week of December, though it might have been early Jan. 1896. The fact that this was the only game played between these two players on this occasion is indicated in El Diluvio of 10 Jan. 1896 (p.17).
   [Dil], no. 10, 10 Jan. 1896, page 17
   [RIA], vol. 1, no. 2, Jan. 1896, page 30

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