Tassinari, G. – Wilkinson, W.G. 1855

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Tassinari, Girolamo    2472 (49) 1/
Wilkinson, Walter    2239 (101) 0/
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Leamington
Start date: 27 June 1855
End date: 27 June 1855
Dubois says that Tassinari, while in England, won in greater or less proportion against Falkbeer, Boden, Löwe, Lord Cremorne, Wilkinson, and de Szabo. Nuova Rivista degli Scacchi (1 Mar. 1877, p.71) gives a win by Tassinari over Wilkinson, played on 27 June 1855 at the Leamington Congress (but not part of an official tournament), also given by Zavatarelli. It is not clear how many games they played, if more than this one, or what the final score was if more. Zavatarelli identifies 'Wilkinson' as W.G. Wilkinson, which seems plausible, though the Chess Player's Chronicle of Aug. 1855 (p.260) mentions that E.W. Wilkinson and M.M.U. Wilkinson were at the Leamington congress. I will assume Zavatarelli is correct. I use a soft result of 1-0 for Tassinari.
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