von der Lasa, T. – Mayet, C. 1855

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
von der Lasa, Tassilo    2591 (53) 10.5/11 
Mayet, Carl    2387 (47) 0.5/11 
Status: casual

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Berlin
Start date: 26 June 1855
End date: 28 June 1855
The July 1855 issue of the Schachzeitung (pp.227-228) says that von der Lasa visited Berlin for three days 26-28 June 1855 and played several games with Mayet. It says that some of these games are given above, and on pp.217-221 of the July 1855 issue, 5 games are given with result +4-0=1 for von der Lasa. So this is clearly not a complete account of their games. Then on pp.247-250 of the Aug. 1855 issue, another three games are given, all won by von der Lasa, and on pp.278-280 of the Sep. 1855 issue, yet another three are given, again all won by von der Lasa. These additional six games might have been played during the June visit of von der Lasa, though von der Lasa was also in Berlin again on 19 July 1855 for a celebration of the Berlin chess players (Aug. 1855 Schachzeitung, p.257). I will consider them as all part of the same series. It seems likely that if Mayet had won games, at least one of his wins would have been printed, as one has the impression that the editors generally tended to try to be fair to both sides. The extremely one-sided result (+10-0=1 for von der Lasa) suggests that the outcome really was as one-sided as this, so I am going to assume that this set of games is representative of the actual score and use it for rating purposes.
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