Mackenzie, G.H. – MacDonnell, G.A. 1862

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Mackenzie, George    2465 (43) 5.5/14 
MacDonnell, George    2480 (42) 8.5/14 
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: London, England (?)
Start date: 1861
End date: 1862
The Illustrated London News quotes a letter from MacDonnell (after his match with Mackenzie of Dec. 1962-Jan. 1863) saying that 'the gross result of his play with Mr. Mackenzie in five series of games is' +10-10=4. Sergeant says MacDonnell gives 10-10 for 'all his games with Mackenzie at this period', possibly including games played in Dublin. The Dec.-Jan. match, according to the Illustrated London News of 10 Jan. 1863 (p.55) resulted in +6-3=1 for Mackenzie, which would mean the earlier games come to +4-7=3, but Feenstra Kuiper and Hooper and Whyld give +6-3=2 for the last match making the earlier ones total +4-7=2. Hooper and Whyld say this earlier contest took place in the summer of 1862, but the Chess Player's Chronicle of May 1862 mentions 6 games between them played in Dublin (but no date given) with result +3-3=0, giving 2 wins by Mackenzie (pp.138-139), and gives a win by MacDonnell dated 22 Apr. 1862 in London (p.154). The issue of Nov. 1860 (pp.344-347) gives 3 games between them played 'lately' in Dublin (+2-1 for Mackenzie), the issue of Jan. 1861 (pp.25-27) gives a game between them dated 20 Oct. 1860 in Dublin (+1 for Mackenzie) and the issue of June 1862 (pp.163-164) gives games between them dated 16 and 18 Oct. 1860 in Dublin (+1-0=1 for Mackenzie) but these could not have been counted by MacDonnell in his +10-10=4 total, because Mackenzie would then have more than 10 wins. Thus, the best interpretation of the available information is perhaps that there were some games in Dublin in Oct. 1860 with unknown result (but including at least +4-1=1 for Mackenzie), then 4 series of games over some period before Dec. 1862, but not going as far back as Oct. 1860, in which Mackenzie scored +4-7=3, and then the last match of Dec. 1862-Jan. 1863 in which Mackenzie scored +6-3=1.
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