Neumann, G.R.L. – Rosenthal, S. 1869 (1)

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Neumann, Gustav    2659 (46) 2.5/
Rosenthal, Samuel    2504 (47) 1.5/
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Paris
Start date: Jan. 1869
End date: Feb. 1869
Feenstra Kuiper and Di Felice give the total score of 3 matches between these two players in 1869 as +12-2=8 for Neumann. Negele's website says they played only two matches, and the definitive biography by Renette and Zavatarelli gives only two, of which this was the first. La Grande Storia degli Scacchi gives a result of +3-1=1 for Neumann, which is correct according to Renette and Zavatarelli, though the final game was forfeited by Rosenthal, and so not included for rating purposes. The Round Table of 13 Feb. 1869 (p.109) reports from the London Weekly Dispatch that the match had started. Renette and Zavatarelli say that the most likely date for the first game was 12 Jan. 1869, though they say that it cannot be dated 'with exactitude'. The Illustrated London News of 1 May 1869 (p.451) gives 2 games from the match; the 3 July 1869 issue (p.23) gives another game 'in their late match'; the Round Table of 19 June 1869 (p.397) gives another game from the match.
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Match information updated: 30 Sept. 2018