Owen, J. – Burn, A. 1874

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Owen, John    2427 (41) 5.5/15 
Burn, Amos    2579 (38) 9.5/15 
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Liverpool
Start date: Sep. 1874
End date: Nov. 1874
This is the first part of a long match between Burn and Owen that lasted from Sept. 1874 to Dec. 1875. Forster gives a full description, dividing the match into 6 stages, with the months in which each stage was played. Because the match was so long, I have split it into two parts, the first consisting of the games played in 1874 and the second the games played in 1875. The first 3 stages, as given by Forster, were played in 1874 and are included here, covering the months Sept. to Nov. 1874. Sergeant (p.163) gives a result of +6-4=2 for Burn and (p.167) gives another result (dated 1875) of +10-5 'and some draws'. Probably these two are confounded. The City of London Chess Magazine of Dec. 1875 (p.327) gives the +10-5 result. Di Felice gives a result +4-4 as having been played between Burn and Owen in Liverpool in 1874 as well as the final result of this entire match +11-6=3 for Burn, as having been played in London in 1875. It is not clear where the +4-4 result came from, though it may be a distortion of the result in this match as of the end of 1874 when Burn had scored 8 wins and Owen 4 (as well as 3 draws). Feenstra Kuiper gives only the total score with date 1875 and location London. Forster gives the location as Liverpool.
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Match information updated: 5 Jan. 2023