Gunsberg, I.A. – Blackburne, J.H. 1887

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
Gunsberg, Isidor    2593 (29) 8/13 
Blackburne, Joseph    2603 (29) 5/13 
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Bradford and London, England
Start date: 26 Sep. 1887
End date: 9 Nov. 1887
Feenstra Kuiper, Sunnucks, Golombek, Hooper and Whyld, Moran, Harding, La Grande Storia degli Scacchi and Sarah's Blackburne web pages give the result as +5-2=6 for Gunsberg; Elo gives 8-5 for Gunsberg which is consistent with +5-2=6; Fortster gives +5-2=7 for Gunsberg. Di Felice gives +4-2=6 for Gunsberg. According to the reports in the Chess Monthly, there was a delay between the 12th game, played on 18 Oct. and the 13th and last played on 9 Nov. 1887. Harding has ascertained that the 12th game was actually played on 13 Oct. 1887. Di Felice's score reflects the result at the time of the delay, before the last game was played. Feenstra Kuiper, Elo, Moran, Di Felice, Forster, La Grande Storia degli Scacchi and Sarah's Blackburne web pages give the date as 1887; Sunnucks, Golombek and Hooper and Whyld give the date as 1886. The Chess Monthly, and Harding, give exact dates 26 Sept. - 9 Nov. 1887. The British Chess Magazine of Aug. 1891 (p.392) gives the location as 'Bradford-London'; Harding says that the last game was played in London.
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