von Bardeleben, C.C.A. – von Scheve, T. 1891

Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games 
von Bardeleben, Curt    2510 (37) 6/12 
von Scheve, Theodor    2499 (37) 6/12 
Status: formal

Event table notes

Event data
Place: Berlin
Start date: 1891
End date: 28 Apr. 1891
Feenstra Kuiper and Di Felice give result as +4-4=4, as does Steinitz in the New York Daily Tribune of 24 May 1891. The Berlin Schachverband website says the match was abandoned on 28 Apr. 1888 as drawn when the score was '+4.5 zu +5.5 (Th.v.Sch.)', so presumably it was von Scheve who had scored 5.5. The British Chess Magazine (July 1891, p.327) gives the score as 4.5-4.5. Although the Berlin Schachverband website gives 5.5-4.5, it is not entirely clear who scored the extra point and if so, why the match was abandoned as a tie. So then the question remains as to how many draws there were. I will use the result as given by Steinitz in the New York Daily Tribune.
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