Lewis, Harold


Year       Rank    Edo    Dev.   Games 
1897  475  2069 (102) 9

Rating table notes

Biographical data
Name: Lewis, Harold W.  
Walter Chan has identified the 'Lewis' at the Mechanics' Institute Tournament in San Francisco in 1897 as Harold W. Lewis, previously of Harvard. The Harvard Crimson of 7 Oct. 1895 says that 'Harold Lewis' was champion of the Harvard Club that year, and indicates that he was in the class of 1896. The 18 Sep. 1897 issue of the San Francisco Chronicle (p.11) gives a game between N.J. Manson and 'Mr. Lewis of Boston'. The San Francisco Examiner of 26 Oct. 1897 (p.7) discusses attempts to set up a telegraphic match between Harvard and the Univesity of California, saying that one of the Harvard representatives in Berkeley would be 'Harold W. Lewis, who won the Harvard championship in 1893-94'.
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Tournament data

San Francisco 1897     Mechanics' Institute Tournament     6  /  8
  Lewis, H.W. - Samuels, O.     0 - 1    

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