von Gutzeit, Hugo


Year       Rank    Edo    Dev.   Games 
1832  17  2167 (162) 4

Rating table notes

Biographical data
Name: von Gutzeit, Hugo Leonhard  
   Also known as: Dr. H.L. von Guttceit
Born: 25 Dec. 1811
Died: 21 Mar. 1872
Batgirl gives his year of death as 1882; geni.com gives precise birth and death dates, including death on 9 Mar. 1872. I am not completely sure about the identity of this player. The man who played against Lionel Kiesteritzky in his youth in 1832 in Dorpat was called 'Hofrath Dr. v. Guttceit, in Orel in Russland' in the Schachzeitung of Oct. 1855 (p.301). He has been identified as Dr. Hugo Leonhard von Guttceit by 'batgirl' ('SBC') on her chess.com blog and at chessgames.com. Hugo Leonhard von Guttceit certainly seems to fit, since he was a medical student in Dorpat from 1831 to 1838 and then lived subsequently in Orel. However, I have also found a medical paper by 'W. v. Guttceit in Kursk' called 'Akute Unterhautknotten' (acute subcutaneous nodules) in the journal Medizinische Zeitung Russlands, Nr. 19, Mai 1845 (note that Kursk is about 160 km from Orel). Woldemar von Gutzeit (1816-1900) was a brother of Hugo Leonhardt von Gutzeit and also a doctor (see https://www.geni.com/people/Woldemar-von-Gutzeit/6000000035066747835). Also, I found a report by 'Medicinal-Inspectors Dr. J. von Guttceit' dated Orel, 13 Aug. 1867, which appears on p.78 of a book called Die Cholera by Wilhelm Baron von der Recke (1873) (see https://books.google.ca/books?id=8fJbAAAAcAAJ&printsec=frontcover). I think Hugo Leonhardt von Gutzeit is the most likely candidate, since he would have been about 20 years old in 1832, whereas Woldemar would have been about 15 years old, and J. von Guttceit, who was in Orel in 1867, is likely to have been younger, though this is not certain. Walker, in Bell's Life in London, has 'Von Gutteeit' in the 2 Dec. 1855 issue, 'Von Gutteit' in the 30 Dec. 1855 issue, and 'Dr. Gutteeit, of Orel' in the 6 Jan. 1856 issue.
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Match data  (f=formal; c=casual; s=soft)

Kieseritzky, L.A.B.F. - von Gutzeit, H.L. 1832         (c)     2.5   -   1.5

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