Year       Rank    Edo    Dev.   Games 
1821  11  2102 (211) 3

Rating table notes

Biographical data
Name: Tundutov  
   Also known as: Prince Tundutov
Petrov refers (in Shakhmatniy Listok, Oct. 1860, p.271) to his opponent as a Kalmykian prince. Geert Van der Wulp, who sent me this information, has found an article from a Russian chess magazine from 1965, reproduced online at http://content.mail.ru/arch/17070/1910623.html, which tries to identify this prince. There seem to be two candidates, Tundutov being the better known, but Tjumen being a prince of another Kalmyk tribe and both being in Saint Petersburg in 1821 at the right time to have played a match with Petrov. I have tentatively identified him as Tundutov, but this may have to be revised if more information becomes available. Petrov considered him the strongest opponent he had ever met (up to the time of writing in 1860).
   [SLk], vol. 2, no. 22, Oct. 1860, page 271

Match data  (f=formal; c=casual; s=soft)

Petrov, A.D. - Tundutov 1821         (c)     2   -   1