Schmidt, Charles


Year       Rank    Edo    Dev.   Games 
1859  45  2405 (161) 15

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Biographical data
Name: Schmidt, Charles F.  
   Also known as: Dr. Schmidt, of Cincinatti
Died: July 1885
His death i Washington, D.C., is announced in the Saint Louis Globe Democrat of 25 Jul. 1885, so I am guessing he died in that month. This is not Dr. Carl Friedrich Schmidt (1840-1897) who died in Dresden, Germany. Bell's Life in London of 30 Oct. 1842 says 'The magnet man, Dr Schmidt, ... went long since to America'. It is not clear whether this is Dr. C.F. Schmidt, of Cincinatti in the 1850s.
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Match data  (f=formal; c=casual; s=soft)

Brown, J.S. - Schmidt, C.F. 1859         (c)     8   -   7

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