London, England 1883 (4)

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Minchin, James    2262 (36) 9 / 12 
Gattie, Walter    2263 (39) 6 / 10 
Gover, F. Field    2161 (60) 4 / 10 
Lindsay, W.A.    2098 (45) 2 / 10 

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Lowenthal Cup Tournament
Place: London, England
Start date: Apr. 1883
End date: Apr. 1883
The crosstable is not given explicitly but can more-or-less be deduced from the information given in the British Chess Magazine reports of May 1883 (p.187) and June 1883 (p.205), as follows. Each of the four contestants was to play four games against each opponent. Minchin's results are given explicitly as 3-1 against each of his three opponents, for a final score of 9. Gattie's total score was 6, but two of his games were unplayed. Gover's score was 4 and Lindsay's score was 2. Since the totals of the four players sum to 21, and 24 games should have been played, we can deduce that three games were unplayed. Since two of Gattie's were unplayed and none of Minchin's, one unplayed game had to have been between Gover and Lindsay. It is almost certain that the two unplayed games by Gattie were one each against Gover and Lindsay. It is stated (p.205) that 'when the prizes had been decided the remaining matches were not played out', so the last round games between these three must all have been left unplayed. Gattie scored 1 against Minchin, so his other 5 points came from his other six games, three against each of Gover and Lindsay. Thus, he had only one loss against one of these two. We can't determine which of the two he lost against, but in either case, the score between Gover and Lindsay can be deduced. Thus, there are two possible crosstables, but for rating purposes it matters only what the total scores were and how many games were played between each pair of players.
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