Adelaide 1876

Crosstable scores
Name   Edo    Dev.   Score  /  Games   
Steele, Robert    1902 (104) 10 / 13 
Mann, John    1772 (110) 9.5 / 13 
Tyrrell, Samuel    1788 (111) 8 / 13 
Webb, D.G.    1583 (131) 7 / 13 

Event table notes

Event data
Name: Adelaide Chess Club Tournament
Place: Adelaide
Start date: 1876
End date: 1876
Partial results available. The Illustrated London News only reports the scores of the top 4 players, wins and losses, indicating that the top 2, Steele and Mann, played 13 games each, while Tyrell and Webb played 12 games each. The scores are consistent only with a single-round all-play-all, probably with 14 players, though Tyrell and Webb must then not have played one game each. For simplicity I take all their scores to be out of 13 games, even if this slightly underestimates Tyrell's and Webb's performances. There is a possibility that this tournament involved odds, since the Toronto Globe gives a game J. Fieldwick - R.M. Steele, Jr., Steele giving odds of a Knight, in the 'late Adelaide Handicap Tournament', but this report appeared on Jan. 6, 1877 so perhaps it referred to another event. Dates not given, but must have been finished some time before the report appeared in the Illustrated London News on July 1, 1876.
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